jeanee-lusby-naturalook-owner.jpgIn my years as a permanent cosmetic artist and trainer, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of pigments and colors. The search for the “perfect” pigment line proved to be costly and futile. I found that I was custom blending or “creating” most of the colors that I used to achieve the rich, lasting and true tones that I desired. After years of this cumbersome practice, I decided to formulate my own color line, based on my custom blends and “color recipes”. Establishing a criteria and foundation to base my color line on was simple…the products needed to be safe, true to tone, long-lasting and easy to use. Hence, True Colors by NaturaLook…Simple Theory, Lasting Results.

The True Colors Pigments color system is a unique, effective and simple method. Unlike any other product line in the industry, True Colors by NaturaLook uses the Fitzpatrick undertone skin scale I-VI as a guide, and matches the appropriate colors that complement each undertone level. Using this simple method, artists can, with ease, chose beautiful colors that are in perfect color harmony with their clients’ skin undertones.

All True Colors cosmetic pigments (Iron Oxide, D&C & FD&C) are produced using ingredients, which are certified & approved for use in topical applications in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended. All True Colors pigments are produced in keeping with the highest standards for purity and have been tested to conform to their respective specifications for use in Micropigmentation procedures.